Try Some Home Remedies Along With Conventional Treatment of Genital Warts.

Genital warts are caused by particular strains of human papillomavirus or HPV that enters the body during sexual intercourse with an infected partner. The virus infects the epidermis or the mucous membrane and then penetrates into the cells through microscopic abrasions that occur during sexual activities. It does not manifest into genital warts immediately, but can remain in latent stage for years without any outward symptoms. They can however, infect others even in that stage. Sometimes the body’s immune system clears them. If the virus manifests as warts, you need to take them seriously because if left untreated, they will enlarge and cause a lot of discomfort. However, there is no guaranteed cure for genital warts. Some has higher success rate than the others.

Genital warts can be very tiny or spread into large masses. Sometimes, they form clusters. Occasionally, they have a cauliflower like growth. At other time, they can have the appearance of small flat bumps. However, they are not at all cancerous. True, human papillomavirus can cause cancer, but there are 130 subtypes of the virus. The strains that cause cancer do not create warts and the strains the cause warts do not cause cancer. However, treatment of genital warts should start as soon as they become visible. You can either take medications or go for surgery.

However, you must undertake treatment of genital warts as soon as they become noticeable. As such, the warts are painless unless they are irritated by contact. If left untreated, they may multiply into cauliflower-shaped clusters or may ulcerate. The ulcerate warts may bleed, itch or produce foul smelling discharge. Depending upon the location of the warts one might find it difficult to urinate, defecate or have intercourse. If the warts are in the throat one might find it hard to swallow.

These treatments can cure genital warts, not HPV. Therefore, the warts keep on reappearing even after being cured. HPV can be cleared only by our immune system, which acts through the interleukins that recruits interferon, which in turn slows down viral replication. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the immune system and to see that there is no accumulation of toxic elements in the body. You should pursue the following regimes to get rid of genital warts for good:

1. Stop taking alcohol and tobacco in any form. They generate maximum amount of toxins.
2. Since only a strong immune system can get rid of the HPV, take immune booster tonics regularly.
3. Since vitamins are protective food, they help us to ward off all kinds of infections. Therefore, take a multi vitamin tablet every day.
4. Eat enough fruits and vegetable
5. Drink 8 litres of water everyday, because water helps to wash off the toxic materials from the body.
6. Keep the genital area clean and dry.
7. Do not touch the warts with your hand because you can infect other part of the body that way. If you do, wash your hands with antiseptic soap immediately.
8. Do not use things like scented soaps or vaginal deodorants. They may irritate the skin and cause discomfort.
9. Use of condoms protects one to some extend, not fully.
10. You can consider taking vaccines like Gardasil, if you have multiple sex partners, or if your partner has other sex partners as well.

However, if the warts are in some unreachable spot, you cannot use these creams and lotions. Then either you have to go for doctor-applied methods like cryosurgery, laser ablation, cauterization or surgical excision or you can take homeopathic or herbal oral medicines. If you opt for the latter, make sure that these oral medicines are FDI approved. Whatever methods you apply, you should try to raise your immunity level because that is only way to clear the Human papillomavirus. Pursue the following guidelines for a quicker recovery:

1. Good health is the key to a strong immune system. Lead a healthy life and eat a balance diet.
2. Exercise regularly to aid digestion of food.
3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable. Avoid junk food, which is toxic by nature.
4. Stop drinking and smoking because they produce lot of toxin in the body and reduce immunity.
5. Take multivitamin tablets regularly because lack of vitamins causes deficiency, which in turn reduces immunity.
6. Take a good immune booster tonic regularly.
7. Drink plenty of water to wash out the toxin materials that are produced everyday in the body.
8. Keep yourself clean.
9. Do not use scented soap or fancy douches and deodorants.
10. Use of condoms does not protect you totally, but can help to some extend. Consider taking Gardasil if necessary. Gardasil is a vaccine that has to be taken before being exposed to the threat.

In the treatment of genital warts the points to be taken into consideration are the preference of the patient, the location and size of the genital warts, the side-effects of the treatment, the cost factor and the experience of the physician. Based on all these factors the method of treatment should be decided. None of the treatments can get over in a single sitting. It involves a course of therapy. Since no single treatment can claim to be the best and the
effect of all treatments vary from person to person, it would be a good idea to forego the treatment at least for some time because sometimes, curiously, warts disappear on their own.

Sometimes after the treatment the virus may still be there though it may not be visible to the naked eye. So it is better to practice abstinence for quite some time after the treatment otherwise unknowingly the infection can get passed on to the sexual partner.

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