Carrefour group

Carrefour Group reduces time-to-market and manages food safety of its private label with Trace One


  • Largest retailer in Europe
  • Second-largest in the world
  • 2009 sales: 40 billion
  • Private label food products: about 30% market share (volume)
  • +10% growth in the sale of its private label products in 2009



  • Communicate the group’s image and attract and retain new customers

It requires:

  • Follow-up new regulations on food
  • Audit and check that suppliers comply with Carrefour quality policy
  • Develop new products faster and cheaper without compromising food quality and safety
  • React quickly in case of food incidents



Trace One Product Specifications solution in order to collaborate with: 

  • Suppliers: product specifications
  • Development & Quality: policy and signature
  • Product Managers: definition of the product ; specification of contracts
  • Carrefour teams in other countries: access to data
  • Laboratories: templates and metrics for control
  • Sub-contractors: collaboration


Development and Quality department

  • Single version of the product specifications available
  • Simply edit specs online with one click
  • Centralize all the information in a single database
  • Query the database in real-time (avoid to go through all the paper specs one by one)

Product Management

  • Ensure Carrefour products are in compliance
  • Online approval process: see if the quality department and the supplier have cleared the specs, and sign them online


  • Same tool and same format for all retailers: time savings
  • Centralize all product specifications for different retailers
  • Permanent access to the up-to-date version of the specs with a history of changes
  • Have a database to record information about their raw materials and processes

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