Surface74 are a new melodic rock band to hit town. This London 4 piece have
performed on MTV’s TRL, just released their first album ‘World in A Day’ (which is
sold in Virgin as well as other stockists) and are currently in the middle of a
nationwide tour that will take them all over the UK. All this and they have only
been together since January 2003. Phew…brace yourselves, as the Surface 74
monster has now hit SSS.

I catch up with the band and their producer from FE23, Chris Norman. What
immediately strikes me about these guys is that they are young, handsome and
bound around with crazy energy. Pete Nulty, vocals and guitar is the blue eyed boy
singer with a passion for talking, smiling and partying. He tells me about the TRL
experience, “It was quite surreal, really.” He says wistfully. “It was weird being
screamed at by girls camped outside the studios and was SO much fun.”

I ask the band how they have managed to achieve so much in such little time.
Bassist and cheeky chappy Sam says “We’ve put in loads of hard work, no doubt.
But we love creating music and we get on so well together that spending hours
writing and rehearsing is what we want to do.”

Guitarist Louis is probably the most quiet of the group but the one that girls would
most probably throw their knickers at. He’s known Pete since school and started
the guitar “because Pete was learning, and it looked so cool!” The band
unanimously agree that bands like RHCP, Counting Crows and Bon Jovi heavily
influence their sound. I ask them whether any British artists do. “Well, we respect
acts like Joss Stone however what we listened to in the early days was all
American rock.” Pete says.

After listening to their amazingly produced and excellent quality album ‘World in A
Day,’ the song that I most enjoyed was ‘The One.’ I ask the band who wrote the
song and who it is about.

“We all write every one of our songs together,” Drummer Nick tells me. “However
it was based on my experiences and I came up with most of the lyrics.” A
song-writing drummer is definitely impressive and as well as fabulous drumming
on tracks like ‘All that Can’t be Lost,’ Nick is definitely a quiet but immensely
important member of the band. When probed about who the song is about, Nick
shys away and swiftly changes the subject. A true gentleman. The band tell me that
they aim to “achieve recognition without compromising credibility.” I ask them
about this further as surely all bands start off on this premise but lucrative deals
and the promise of stardom quickly shift such goalposts. “We’re prepared for the
long, hard slog and would rather work away as we’ve done, by self-financing and
making a lot of sacrifices rather than jumping on the first deal that comes our
way,” Pete assures me. Although each member has a day job, the band regularly
meet up to practice and write.

The band’s sense of humour shines through and they have no qualms in taking
the p*** out of each other and this dynamic nature of the band shines through on
the album. Unfortunately due to the extremely tentative nature of the record
industry, it is a shame to think that bands like Surface are not given a chance like
their heroes Bon Jovi etc were given because everything is so pop and
bubblegum driven. But you can help, go see them live and listen to ‘World in A

Interview by Dee

For more info: Surface74

Background image, ‘World in A Day’ and ‘The One’ audio © 2003/2004 Surface74 & fe23

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