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Kefei 10IU sample vial injectable HGH Somatropin

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Injectable rHGH Somatropin

HGH Benefits: Restores muscle mass, body fat decrease
reduces wrinkles, sexual function increase, stops and restores hairloss
cholesterol profile improvement, vision improvement
improves memory, blood pressure normalization
immune function improvement and more.

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HGH (human growth hormone) physiological function is mainly to promote the growth of cartilarges, bones and cells to perform tissue repair and regulate metabolism. Kefei is composed of 191 amino acid, being completely identical with natural human growth hormone (HGH) and has the same efficacy without any adverse reactions.

Buy Kefei Sample HGH

Kefei (Somatropin), is an injectable recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH). It is a white lyophilized powder consisting of the identical sequence of 191 amino acids of human growth hormone (HGH).

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