Snake eyes


So much energy exits through our eyes, and we absorb a huge amount of input through the eyes. The eyes are probably our most used and abused sense. Through our eyes we discover attachment and desire. Within our yoga practice, if we discipline our eyes by using gaze points we can begin the path towards quieting the mind, towards meditation.

Drishti means focus of awareness but we have to train the mind to focus and so we use eye gaze points to begin this training.

Closing the eyes allows us to internalise and circulate energy rather than letting it go out of our bodies. Have you noticed how tired the eyes get watching a computer or TV screen? When you close your eyes this energy is used by the body and mind to self-heal and to expand your awareness.

Eyes are fire organs and pitta in nature. Pitta is the way that Ayurveda looks at the physiology of the body complex. Pitta is mostly fire, with some water. Pitta is high in summer, simply because it is hotter. Pitta is high for many people these days – we notice pitta is high when we get frustrated and angry, or we get eye problems and eye strain, including poor eyesight. This indicates that pitta is out of balance in our bodies. So we need then to balance our fire. Fire warms and inspires us, it takes us towards our Self but too much heat and we get exhausted and burnt out.

In yoga fire in the belly becomes light in the mind. Fire directs our destiny, and it is the spiritual fire that takes us home.

When you shift your eye focus you stimulate different areas of the brain. Equally when you fix your eyes your mind fixes rather than wanders. In your yoga allow your gaze to flow with the practice in a directed, mindful manner and to fix on the eye gaze points given.

Often our eyes will be directed towards the 3rd eye – our physical eyes give us outer sight, our 3rd eye gives insight (inner sight) & intuition. It is an energy centre, chakra and marma. It is the etheric counterpart of our pituitary gland. The pituitary is linked to higher states such as bliss, prophesy, visions. It is the command centre of our awareness and controls our thoughts. So then we can choose what we give our attention to.

Spirit rising

vehicle of my soul

between you & i

there is a moment

when the self becomes whole

breath overthrows death

our opposites salute each other

in an infinite deep embrace

i begin to hear the songs of the universe

The purpose of yoga is to give you tools to attain & maintain levels & states of higher consciousness. This journey is your life.

What does not kill you makes you strong – Nietzche.

Our true fire & strength comes from deep within. In our practice we need to go beyond muscular strength, into the flow of spirit, which is our true strength. When you do this breakthroughs become a way of life not breakdowns. The warrior requires a strong mind, and strong nervous and glandular systems.

So when it all feels tough, when the mind says no, let the spirit say go…the very moment we choose to consciously keep up we become much more than we were and are. Yogsanas can elicit various responses in us, very similar to the way you respond to life situations.

The warrior invests absolutely everything in all he does. he does not make value judgments. He seeks to balance joy with discipline, he is the disciple, he lives in a calm vibrancy, aware that life is both gift & challenge and that these 2 are the same. We can spend our whole life avoiding the tests we need to take and that we signed up for.

i am the fire vehicle of time

the untiring yet sleepless soul

a burning music played on the keyboard of my spine

my life a fuse, waiting to be lit

show me the promises i made to myself

with every action draw a line

on the blueprint of my body of light

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