About my life

My life …

Hmmm, let’s see
… I’m not sure where to start this page.  In fact, I’m not sure where to end it
either.  This will just be a brief description of what is going on in my life.

I have just recently graduated from a Computer Programming/Anaylst program at the local
college we have in my city.  This program was very interesting and has allowed me to
expand my computer knowledge and continue on in search of a career in the computer field.

I am currently employed by the Northwest Enterrpise Centre of Confederation and they
have sent me to Poland to do some computer based work for a project they are directing.

Living in Poland has been a great experience for me.  I have met many nice people
in both a working environment and a friendship environment.  In many cases life over
here is much different then back home in Thunder Bay, Ontario but it many ways it is the
same.  Many of the foods and activities are very much similar to those I can relate
to back home.

Well, that will be all for now, you can take at look at the other sections I have
included in my personal area to gain more information about who I am and where I come

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or continue to information on my city …

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