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I’m happy that you found your way to this website. It has just been started and might not provide too much information, yet, but rest assured that this will change with time. Just have a look around and feel free to drop me a line.

Good question. I should probably explain that by telling a bit of the story that led to me setting up this website.
When I started learning Somali, I quickly found out that it is not easy to get your hands on all kinds of Somali resources in Australia. The community down under is small and does not produce any resources by itself. Therefore you have to import almost everything from Europe and North America. For the most common articles, some of the Somali shops would do that and stock the items. However, if you’re asking for less common things (e.g. grammar references) they will most likely not have any of that. Therefore I decided to set up a website that collates the sources that I found for these kinds of less common resources.

All kinds of resources will be listed here. The only requirement is that they have to be genuinely Somali. This includes (but is not limited to) books, CDs, DVDs, websites and all kinds of (more or less) uniquely cultural items.

This website is just one of many projects of mine and I don’t want to run it as a business at this point in time. I would just not have the time to look after it well enough if it was a business. Furthermore, it would mean quite a bit of entrepreneurial risk to stock items without knowing the market well enough. However, I’m open to the idea of turning this into a business servicing all of Australia and New Zealand at some point.

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