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Avanafil is a drug that aims to treat erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence.  Avanafil goes by the brand name Stendra which is manufactured by Vivus Inc.  Avanafil is the latest of the ED drugs to be released as it was only approved by the Food and Drug Administration of America last year, April 27, 2012.  Even though it can be considered a decade late to be released as compared to the big names in erectile dysfunction treatment drugs, avanafil will without doubt have a good percentage of the ED market share in years to come as it has many years’ worth of research and development to help make it more reliable and effective when it comes to the treatment of sexual impotence.

Basically, avanafil works by instructing the smooth muscles that lines the cavity inside your penis to relax.  This action helps in allowing blood to be pumped inside the cavity so it can be engorged with blood, which, inevitably will result in a penile erection.  Erections are necessary for every man who wants to take part in any sexual activity.  This is because without this so called erection, vaginal penetration is not possible.  Additionally, without an erection, a man will not have enough sensation to achieve orgasm.

Normally, on normal men, an erection occurs at the presence of a sexual stimulus.  This stimulus can be from thought, sight, or touch.  Once sexually aroused, the penis will begin to grow bigger and harder until it is fully erect.  Most often, through the presence of sexual stimulus as well as arousal, a man has no control on whether he wants to have an erection or not.  However, for people who are suffering from sexual impotence, getting an erection despite the presence of sexual stimuli is not possible even if they try hard to have one.  If they buy avanafil and use it prior to sexual intercourse, they will however get an erection and have momentary use of their manhood so they can take part in sexual activity.

When you buy avanafil, you need to understand that this drug belongs to a group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors.  This is the group where Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra belong to.  Since avanafil is a PDE5 inhibitor, it means that it is also a moderate vasodilator.  This makes it important never to take any drugs that are meant to lower or maintain elevated blood pressure.  The result in taking alpha-blocker or nitrate drugs along with ED treatment drugs may turn out to be very dangerous because the outcome is hypotension or seriously low blood pressure.  This is very dangerous and should never be attempted.  This is why when you buy avanafil, it is important that you have consulted your doctor first regarding your erectile issues and your wanting to take avanafil.

Once you have been prescribed by your doctor with avanafil, make sure that you only buy avanafil that has the right dosage your doctor has given you.  Not following your doctor’s directions may result in overdosing as well as permanent and irreparable injuries.

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