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posted by Savanah on Oct 26

If your house is anything like mine, you probably have an extensive collection of map gifts lying around various rooms and stuffed in closets that you just do not know what to do.  Before you throw them in a box for the Goodwill or toss them into the attic, consider these alternatives.

A world globe may seem like another big bulky decoration that you don’t really have space for, especially if it is on a stand, but it can really give your home a rich, classy feel.  If you have a home office or library, consider using it as a sophisticated decoration piece on top of a bookshelf or next to the desk.  It will also come in handy when your children begin to study geography because globes present the position and size of each continent more accurately than world map.  It will also help them better understand concepts such as longitude and latitude and where the equator and prime meridian are located. Nice framed maps of the world or specific countries provide nice decoration as well.  Everyone loves to share their travel experiences, so you could frame maps of countries and cities that you have, or want to, visit as a conversation starter.

If you really can’t find space to keep it in your home, consider donating it to a local school.  Most teachers have a little to no budget when it comes to classroom decoration, so they would be very grateful for any contribution you are able to make.

As our society becomes more and more globalized, it is becoming increasingly important to know and understand geography.  Having world maps in your home will not only help you maintain familiarity with each country and their location, but also relay to your children that importance as well.

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