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You can email [email protected] or Call us at 206.576.1080.

What is Lync?

Globys IT has rolled out a production pilot of Unified Communications (UC) which is powered by Microsoft Lync. This service offers many new features including integrated calendar, electronic messaging, and voice and video integration. It enables our user community an easy way to bring people, resources, and ideas together at the precise moment in a discovery, learning, or experience. Spontaneous collaboration becomes easier, and avenues for discourse expand as a result.
Participation in the production pilot is currently by invitation only. The service will become more fully available to everyone in coming weeks.
As a Microsoft Lync early adopter it is important to understand the Lync deployment is not in production. Users can expect to see issues and experience problems in this environment.


Issue Reporting: All issues should be reported to [email protected]

  • Physical location (office location, home, other)
  • Screenshot if possible
  • A good description of the problem encountered

Turn on Client Logging

If your client needs to be configured with logging turned on. To turn logging on do the following:

  • Click, “Tools
  • Click, “Options
  • Click on the “General” tab
  • In the logging section check “Turn on logging in Lync

Sending Client Logs

If you have a repeatable issue, please help us diagnose it by sending logs when you report an issue or problem. The logs are located at:

  • C:\users\your user name\tracing\communicator-uccapi.*

Zip and send your logs to [email protected] and describe the issue you are having. Be as specific as possible.

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